Meta Culpa

In 2021, Facebook renamed itself Meta. How long until they switch back to Facebook?

Metaverse, The Next Internet?

Mark Zuckerberg thinks the metaverse offers so much potential he's willing to spend billions on its development. In effect, the Facebook founder is going all in, rebranding his entire company in the process! Zuckerberg 's legacy as a social media pioneer hangs in the balance.

Crushing Expectations

This is the screenshot Facebook released to promote its metaverse investment. It was swiftly mocked mercilessly on the internet. Some of the best memes are included below.

Wisecracks Galore

I'm kind of in awe of the way in which the metaverse looks even worse with every single dollar they set on fire trying to build it

- GONELIKEHELLMACHINE (@golikehellmachi)

Facebook spent $10 billion on metaverse projects in 2021. The graphics look like they came out of a computer game developed in 1997.

- Chris Bakke (@ChrisJBakke)

can't really explain why but I love how shit the Metaverse looks. every screenshot and clip brings me genuine joy. billions and billions poured into it and this is the result. The Sims but worse, and with nothing below the torso. wonderful stuff

- Ordinary Things (@ordinarytings)


The Underwhelming Reaction

Facebook tried to play damage control by releasing more realistic-looking screenshots of its much touted metaverse experience called Horizon Worlds. So far the press hasn't been any kinder than the initial welcome given by internet trolls.

Facebook's Response Was Impressive... Until The Truth Came Out

More Bad Press

Then, there's the little matter of (virtual) sexual assaults – and other degenerate behavior – on the platform. Facebook still hasn't been able to fix that. 


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